EEA Nepal announces "PRESENTATION COMPETITION" for all Engineers (students, undergraduates and graduates) on 19th January, 2018

EEA Nepal announces "PRESENTATION COMPETITION" for all Engineers (students, undergraduates and graduates) on 19th January, 2018

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER'S ASSOCIATION (EEA), Nepal announces "PRESENTATION COMPETITION" for all Electrical Engineers (students, undergraduates and graduates) on 19th January, 2018 (5th Magh, 2074)

The presentation should address recent trends and technologies in electrical engineering/ electric leakage problems and solutions/ electric hazards/ smart grid/ smart city/ history of power development in Nepal/ Nepalese power market/ power deregulation/ modern technologies in the field of renewable energy/ presentation based on any research article or thesis or any other topic under electrical engineering.

 Each student presentation lasts 15 minutes and is followed by a five minute "Question and Answer" (Q&A) period.
 A major portion of a contestant's total score is based on the judges' evaluation of his/her relative capability to communicate orally, including evidence of a talent to respond effectively during the Q&A period.
 A competitor may utilize any available resource but must realize that the presentation is to be an individual effort. Assistance in the use of visual aids is advisable (PowerPoint, etc.). Film clips, if used, may not exceed one-minute total duration (i.e. a maximum of one minute of each student presentation may be used for video). Film clips may not be accompanied by any recorded sound.

ELIGIBILITY To be eligible to participate, each contestant must be a student/undergraduate of electrical engineering.
Note: No more than 3 participants in a group can register to participate in the competition.

 Each group should register and submit their presentation through the provided email address for selection before (14th Jan) 30th Poush with their contact details (name, contact number, name of institution, enrolled year).
 When sufficient presentation entries are estimated, EEA will review all the submitted presentations and only the presentation which addresses technical and environmental aspects shall be selected.
 The selected contestants will get a call within 2 days from EEA.

CONDUCT OF THE CONTESTThe timekeeper will notify as follows:
 At the end of twelfth minutes, the timekeeper will notify that there are three minutes remaining..
 At the end of fourteenth minutes, last notification to conclude the presentation, shall be provided.
 Questions may be asked by any attendee of the competition. Each person posing a question to a speaker must stand, identify himself/herself and institution, and then proceed with the question.

WRC Auditorium

 Each contestant will receive a "Certificate of Participation" for participating in the presentation competition.
 Judges are to select First, Second and Third winners based on the criteria specified in the competition score sheet.

Awards for the winner
First: Awarded with cash Rs. 10,000
Second: Awarded with cash Rs.6000
Consolation prize-1

Also, the winner of the EEA Quiz Season 1 will be awarded at the same program.

For more information, please contact to EEA:
Coordinator: Binod Sharma (9846816703, [email protected])
Sub-coordinator: Bisam Khanal(9846278277, [email protected])
Sub-coordinator: Shailshikha Dhakal (9846588151, [email protected])

Rajendra Dhakal
EEA, Nepal


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